IV German Energy Business Mission to Cape Verde (Sal) with the topic “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies for the Tourism and Industrial Sectors on Cape Verde”

Cape Verde is highly dependent of primary energy sources, whereas most of the electricity is produced by fossil fuels. High prices of electricity resulting from the costs of imports of fossil fuels have a negative impact on the general economic situation of the archipelago. Consequently, investments in an efficient production of energy from renewable sources should generate positive results and, at the same time, reduce the country’s vulnerability to a price increase of fossil fuels.
The tourism and the industrial sector, both fundamental for the further economical development of the archipelago, are considered as major consumers of energy. Therefore, there exists not only a huge potential, but also the need for introducing renewable energies and measures for increasing their energy efficiency. Germany, in turn, is nowadays one of the European pioneer countries in this area.
In this context, the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILA) is organising the

IV German Energy Business Mission to Cape Verde from 4th – 8th of June 2018,

including the IV German-Cape-Verdean Energy Symposium and Bilateral Meetings.

With the participation in the Symposium on the 5th of June 2018, in the Hotel Oásis Belorizonte in Santa Maria/Sal (find the program here),which is to be attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy, Dr. Alexandre Monteiro (already confirmed), you can obtain first-hand information about the technologies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies in the tourism and industrial sectors already implemented in Germany. In addition, German companies specialized in this area are going to present their products and services as well as possible areas of cooperation with companies in Cape Verde to a diverse audience of Cape Verdean specialists.
In the days following the Symposium, between the 6th and 8th of June, Bilateral Meetings will be held between the German participants and potential Cape Verdean partners, preferably at the premises of the respective Cape Verdean companies. For those Cape Verdean companies with offices in other cities, the CVTI, the CTCV and the Hotel Oásis Belorizonte provide their meeting rooms in the city of Santa Maria/Sal. After the registration, the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry will contact the Cape Verdean companies in order to schedule the bilateral meetings.
The following German companies are looking for partnerships with Cape Verdean companies and present their solutions. In order to obtain the profiles of these companies, click on the respective company:
• ABO Wind AG
• Lehner Innovative Produkte
• LIMHILL Renewable Energy GmbH
• Peer-Olav Schmidt Energy-Consulting and Business Development
• Prack Consult GmbH
• SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH
• ToWalk Energieeffizienz

Here you can find the profiles of the guest speakers from Germany:
• Susanne Lein, adelphi
• Uli Jakob, Green Chiller Verband für Sorptionskälte e.V.

To sign up for the Bilateral Meetings and/or the IV German-Cape-Verdean Energy Symposium, please fill in the registration form available here and send it to the Cabo Verde TradeInvest by clicking on the button “ENVIAR” (“SEND”).

We appreciate the registration until 28nd of May. The participation is free of charge, but requires confirmation.
This initiative is organized in cooperation with the General Directorate for Energy (DGE) of the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Energy (MICE), Cabo Verde TradeInvest (CVTI), the Chamber of Tourism of Cape Verde (CTCV) and the German consultant RENAC (Renewables Academy), with the support of the Municipal Council of Sal, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Sotavento (CCISS) and Barlavento (CCB), the Centre of Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) as well as Electra Sarl.

For more information with regard to the participation, please contact:
Sandra Nazaré (CVTI) │+238 242 2744 │
Paulo Azevedo (CCILA) │+351 934 442 200 │

Initiative “Exportinitiative Energie” This event is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and falls within the scope of the initiative “Exportinitiative Energie”.